Mentally Fit 4 Football

“In the end, it's that psychological difference that decides whether you win or lose”

- Sven-Goran Eriksson, International & Premiership Football Manager -

Sports Performance Coaching

You spend hours training on the pitch and in the gym but how much time do you spend working on the mental aspect of the game? After all, at least 50% of the game is mental… Isn’t it? For some players, sometimes it’s more…

How many of these points can you relate to?

  • You find it hard to get motivated to train
  • You struggle to gain confidence
  • You never seem to be consistent with your game, even though everyone thinks you should be playing higher
  • You get nervous before a game
  • You struggle to come back from injury without worrying about getting injured again
  • Have a bad performance only for it to affect you for the next couple of games
  • Want to play higher or want to earn more money but never get “that” move
  • Feel like the gaffer doesn’t understand your game and plays you out of position

Sometimes the biggest challenge for a player is the 5 and half inches of space between the ears. The only person that controls how you think is you.

Do you want to:

  • be more confident
  • be able to bounce back from a defeat or a poor performance
  • be mentally tough
  • perform consistently from game to game
  • get a move to a better club and earn more money

As the famous motivational speak Eric Thomas says, “The difference between the good and the great is the mentality.”

Mental Skills Coaching consists of regular meetings and mental skills techniques to ensure that you achieve the goals you want as a player. We work out what you want to achieve, where you currently are mentally and then put a plan into place. You will receive regular support, continual motivation and guidance throughout the whole programme. We will ensure that you maintain your focus, drive and determination until you have achieved your goals for both the season and your career.

All programmes include:

  • Induction pack: this is where I find out all about you, your problems, your goals and how I can help you.
  • 2 hour kick start session: this is where we identify where you want to go, where you currently are and start to put the steps into place to help you get there.
  • 30 to 60 minute progress meetings: each week we will meet to review your progress, the work you have done and identify the next steps for your progress.
  • On-going support: access via email and phone for any urgent questions or support you need to continue your work before the next session. For example, many of the players we work with like to have a chat on the Sunday after a game to review their performance and pick out the good performances and areas for improvement the following week. Others like to have a conversation either the night before a game or just before pre-match.
  • Closing session and action planning for your future.

Coaching sessions are booked through our online calendar system and each session is usually conducted by phone call, Skype or FaceTime. This means you can get your coaching at a time and place that is totally convenient to you. We will introduce you to simple concepts and techniques such “negative to positive self talk” to develop mental resilience, and using video analysis to review your performance in a way that either supports how you feel about how you played or discredit it completely, thereby allowing you to move on to the next game in a positive way. We will work through all the training with you so you can get to grips with them and see just how effective they can be.

Can you imagine how good you could be as a player if you were to adopt mental training as well as your normal fitness training?

Mental Skills Coaching Programmes

As everyone is different with different needs, the programmes we develop are bespoke to the needs of our clients. However, they do will start from one of the following templates below:

1-Month Introductory Programme

This is a turbo boost package for those who want to kick start their motivation and work quickly on their mental skills such as confidence. This is particularly beneficial for those coming back from injury.

3-Month Programme

Obviously, things can take time to change and this programme is designed to support you to make that change over a longer period of time. When you find yourself losing motivation, consistency or just having a drop in confidence we can be there to help you to stay on track, develop and remain focused on what is important to you and what you want to achieve. Whether you are aiming to gain a place in the starting 11 or looking to play in a higher league, we can support you to maximise the your potential AND the situation you are in.

Season Long Programme

How easy do you find it to start something but then struggle to keep it going or maintain any consistency? This programme is designed to give you the start you need prior to preseason and then to support you so you keep it going throughout the whole of the season. This is by far the most popular programme we run and the success we have had with those we work with has been outstanding. We will help you to set realistically goals that depend on your own performance, no one elses, and then support you so you can achieve the consistency needed to succeed. More often than not players are far too critical of their own performance and this leads can have a negative impact on both confidence and performance. We will work with you regularly to assess your performance in an objective way so that you can really see the progress you are making instead of making assumptions.

The longer the programme you sign up to the more you will benefit from a reduction in rates. The Season Programme benefits from a 25% reduction in the monthly rate over the 1-month standard package. In addition, we work on a performance related pay structure that is relative to the league you are playing in. The bonus structure is based on appearances for all players, clean sheets for defenders and goalkeepers, assists for midfielders and goals for strikers. The reason being is because we want you to see us a part of your own support team and as such we only benefit if you perform well.

I also provide single sessions and these are 60-90mins in duration.

"Since working with Alasdair my confidence has improved and I am performing more consistently. I used to beat myself up all the time but he has helped me to realise that a lot of what I was beating myself up about wasn’t within my control. Now I only focus on what I can control and I don’t worry about what I can’t. He is always there to support me and he holds me accountable for my own development.”

- Simon Moore, Goalkeeper -

Please contact us for our rates, more information or to discuss programmes that will work for you:
07958 46795

For a 30mins Skype/FaceTime taster session, schedule it in my calendar here.

All payments can be made through our safe and secure provider Go Cardless or by Standing Order.